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How to Transfer Photos and Albums from iPhone to Computer (Windows/Mac)?

Undoubtedly iPhone gets one of the best camera among all these smart phones. Nowadays, people get used to taking photos using iPhone anywhere and anytime. But, more photos means more storage space. Those who carry 16GB iPhones will find their devices running out of space very soon. So you need to free up iPhone memory by transferring those photos or camera shots from iPhone to your computer.

Now here is the question. How to transfer photos and even albums from iPhone to computer? Here, I will introduce you two methods.

For photos in iPhone camera roll, you can easily transfer these photos out of your iPhone directly without any third-party tool. Please refer to Method One (for Windows users) and Method Two (for Mac users).

For photos that saved in other albums instead of camera roll, or synced from iTunes library, you'll need a professional iPhone photo transfer software like iPhone Transfer. Please refer to the Method Three.

Method One: Import Photos (Camera Shots) via Windows AutoPlay

Windows 10/8.1/8: Learn how to import photos and videos from a camera, phone, or DVD

Windows 7/Vista: Learn how to get pictures from your camera to your computer

Please make sure:

  • To unlock your iPhone using your passcode.
  • Your iOS device trusts the computer you want to import your media onto.

Method Two: Import Photos (Camera Shots) to Mac

iPhoto on your Mac can help you easily import your photos to Mac.

Learn how to import photos using iPhoto

Method Three: Transfer Photos with iPhone Transfer

With iPhone Transfer, you can easily transfer all photos, even albums from your iPhone to computer. You can download this powerful software and try to export iPhone photos following the instructions below.

Step 1: Connect iPhone to computer

Once you’ve connected your iPhone to computer via USB cable, this iPhone Transfer will recognize the device automatically. The main information of the device will be shown on the main panel of the software. Also you can see the different content categories on the left panel.

Step 2: Choose photos or albums

Click “Photos” tab on the left panel, you will see the albums list. You can select any one you want and take a preview of all photos in that album on the right panel.

Choose the photo(s) or album(s) you want to transfer.

Step 3: Export iPhone photos

Click the “Export to” button on the top bar and select “Export to PC”. And you can choose the folder to store the exported photos from the pop-up window. Then this iPhone Transfer will automatically transfer the photos you selected to computer.