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How to Transfer Music from iPhone to iPhone?

Just got your new iPhone 6 and need to transfer all music from the old device to the new one? Want to share music between different iOS devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod)? Here, you can find what you need.

All you need is this amazing iPhone Transfer program. It possesses powerful transferring functions just as iTunes. But, not like iTunes’ complex operations, this software is more user-friendly. Any user can finish the music transferring operation with only a few clicks.

Now you can free download this iPhone Transfer and follow this guide to transfer music from iPhone to other iOS device.

Below is the interface of this iPhone Transfer.

Step 1: Connect device to computer

Connect both the two iPhone devices to your computer via USB cables. Launch the iPhone Transfer, and you could see the two devices on the left panel of the software interface.

Hereafter, I will refer to the iPhone that stores original music as “iPhone A” and the one that music will be imported to as “iPhone B”.

Step 2: Choose the music files

Choose the “Music” under iPhone A in the left panel, and click “music” tab on the tab bar in the right panel. And all the music on iPhone A will be displayed.

Then you can choose the music files by selecting the corresponding checkbox. Choose the iPhone B in the pull-down menu of the “Export to” on the tool bar.

Step 3: Start to transfer music

Then, this iPhone Transfer will help you transfer the music files you selected from the iPhone A to iPhone B. Once it was done, you can freely enjoy the music on your new iPhone.

Tips: If you only got one USB cable, and cannot connect the two devices into computer at the same time, you can just connect iPhone A first and export the music from iPhone A to computer. Then connect iPhone B to computer, and import the music from computer to iPhone B.