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How to Restore Contacts from iCloud?

Today we store all our contacts on iPhone. It is a much more valuable treasure than the device itself. So it will be a disaster if we lost/damaged our iPhone or even deleted contacts by mistake. Luckily, iPhone gets a useful backup feature – iCloud. As if you turn the iCloud on, all our contacts will be stored to the cloud automatically. So we could get it back from the iCloud server.

However, if you want to get them back via iCloud service, you need to completely restore your iPhone with the iCloud backup file. It means you will lose all new content, which haven’t been synced to the iCloud, on the device.

But don’t worry. We know what you need, and we introduce you this powerful iPhone Data Recovery software. It can easily help you restore all your contacts or some specific contacts from iCloud. Please free download this software and follow the step-by-step instructions.

Step 1: Sign in iCloud

Launch the iPhone Data Recovery on your computer, and select “Recover from iCloud Backup File” option.

Then sign in iCloud with your account through this software. (We will never keep records of your iCloud account info at any time.)

Step 2: Choose iCloud backup file types

After you have signed in your iCloud account, this software will list all your iCloud backup files. You need to choose the proper one and click the “Download” button.

Then you can choose the file types on the pop-up window. You can select all of them or just choose the “Contacts” based on your need.

Then click “Next” button to start scan the iCloud backup file you chose. The scanning process will last a few minutes.

Step 3: Restore contacts from iCloud backup file

Once the scanning process is finished, the result will be shown on the software window.

Click “Contacts” on the left panel to view all contacts list from the scan. You can select all contacts or just tick the items you want. Then click the “Recover” button to start recovering contacts. Here, this software allows you to restore the selects contacts to your computer or directly to your iPhone device if the device is connected to computer via USB cable.